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P1194 WMG Corporate Brochure 9 a whole systems approach exploiting our capabilities in Lightweight Product/ System Optimisation, Energy Storage and Management, and Digital Validation and Verification. The Institute of Digital Healthcare The Institute of Digital Healthcare aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing through the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative digital technologies. It is a partnership between ourselves, the NHS and Warwick Medical School. By supporting the design and implementation of digital solutions the Institute seeks to improve the quality, safety, accessibility and productivity of healthcare. This is achieved through applied multidisciplinary research in the areas of biomedical and health informatics, big data analytics, medical imaging in clinical and neuroscience settings, health systems engineering, biomedical sensors and signals, systems modelling and simulation, and health and innovative interventions for behavioural change and assistive and healthy living technologies. SME Innovation Programmes The focus within our Innovation Programmes is accelerating SME economic growth through researchled innovation. Building on strong, sustainable, collaborative relationships with SME businesses and partner organisations, our SME programme activity includes intensive projects in which ideas are realised, collaborative R&D, demonstration of new ideas, technology sandpits and horizon scanning. In parallel to innovation support, an education programme helps small businesses understand global challenges, encouraging business leaders to introduce new thinking to gain competitive advantage. Since 2007, our dedicated SME team has worked with over 12,000 SMEs to enable businesses to innovate and bring user focused products to market. Our knowledge exchange services are linked directly to our research base and emerging technologies, providing small businesses with a conduit to create competitive advantage and generate growth. An Innovation Programme, operating through the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation, encourages SMEs to embrace new technology, processes and ideas to develop new products and services. This is achieved through a range of activities including workshops, technology demonstrations and customised projects. Of the collaborative research projects undertaken, a number of innovative new products have been developed. Several of them have hit the headlines including: LightwaveRF with its novel user-led energy management and control system, Barkley Plastics Ltd’s storage solutions for phone accessories, and CMK Ltd’s novel bicycle mudguard - the ‘Mudhugger’. In just one year of the Innovation Programme the SME team assisted over 120 SMEs, helped to create seven new businesses, and created or safeguarded 115 new jobs in the West Midlands. Funding has also been provided for 25 small businesses to take on skilled interns to help them develop new products or services. Collaboration with Business

P1194 WMG Corporate Brochure
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