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P1194 WMG Corporate Brochure 11 Research Degrees Building on our reputation for delivering award-winning postgraduate education, we offer the opportunity to combine doctorallevel research with business relevance through our Doctor of Philosophy and Engineering Doctorate (International) degrees. Both programmes are designed to equip future entrepreneurs, researchers and business leaders with the high-level know-how and research capability essential to compete in today’s global marketplace. Our students are given the environment to explore fully an issue which will have a commercial impact. EngD Our International Doctorate Centre was launched in 2011, backed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and building on the pioneering Engineering Doctorate (EngD) we established more than 20 years ago. In 2014 we were awarded a new EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing. We now offer two EngD (International) programmes: a single award from the University of Warwick, and a joint award from the Universities of Warwick, Cranfield and Exeter. These have their research focus in the areas of ‘high value, low environmental impact manufacturing’, and ‘sustainable materials and manufacturing‘ respectively. Both Centres bring together research entrepreneurs with sponsoring companies that have real world challenges to solve. Students are able to divide their time between the University and their sponsor company. Our current industry partners include Alstom, Altairnano, BAE Systems, Jaguar Land Rover, PTC, Tata Motors and Tata Steel. We are also supported by a large number of international academic partners including Monash University in Australia, Purdue (USA), Fribourg (Switzerland), Kyoto (Japan), IIT Bangalore (India), British Columbia and McGill (Canada) and Jonköping (Sweden). Combining industrially relevant research, taught courses, group projects, international placements and networking opportunities will enable our doctoral researchers to excel as industry entrepreneurs. With the close involvement of a sponsoring company they gain an understanding of academic, business, cultural, and environmental issues in global manufacturing nations, thus enabling them to become future leaders. PhD The traditional PhD route focuses on contributing to a body of knowledge in a chosen field. Students on our Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD) programme are trained in rigorous research methods that will allow them to become part of an international community of scholars and industry leaders. They will discover, interpret and communicate new knowledge through original research, and present and defend research outcomes which extend the boundaries of their chosen discipline. Our current students are researching areas as diverse as brain-computer interfacing, cost modelling in the oil and gas industry, 3D printing for bone tissue engineering, and electrospun nanocomposites. Our PhD graduates have gone on to work in high profile academic institutions across the world, as well as rising through the ranks of multinational companies in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, information technology, finance and civil engineering. Research

P1194 WMG Corporate Brochure
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